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You need an e-mail address to register with U18connect account. The best way to get an e-mail address is to set up a free, web-based e-mail account as an account provider. The main providers are included Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo! Mail.

How to get start with

1. To setup your account, we just

need either of your parents to create a

master account first.

2. Ask your Parent to set up an account

for you - then you can get going and

use Under 18(U18) Connect.

3. Once you have an account, you can

start using our features.

4. You can ask your parents by

shouting them from the next room, or

you can simply enter their e-mail

address and yours and we'll get in touch.

Parent E-mail Address
Parent First Name
Child E-mail Address
Child First Name

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Safe & Secure Online Money Management for Under 18's

Designed for under 18's

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Manage & spend your money online

Using tools and our fully integrated intelligent database, under 18's can review or purchase age appropriate products, safely and with full parental approval. Each purchase will be managed by our secure internal purchasing system and your personal details will not be forwarded on to any merchants.

How can work for you and your money allows parents to help to manage their children’s spending activities.


As the under 18 in the family you know that it is your parents job to look after you and you appreciate it. You really do.
You also want to make your own decisions with your parents help, but then again sometimes without it. can help you with that.

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As a parent, you will often be asked to lend your bank card to your child to allow them to buy products and services online. Now we all trust our kids... right?
But aside from the inconvenience of this, the moment you hand that card over you lose control of your personal details and etc.

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Aside from all the benefits that having a U18 account gives you, we also provide you with a safe and secure way to send gifts to your friends.
Maybe for a birthday or chirstmas for example.

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As a relative, we know that you will want to take an interest in how your young relative is getting on.
Perhaps you want to help out from time to time with a cash gift, but want an easy and safe way to do that? Perhaps you want to buy him or her a present, but are always struggling to know what they really want.

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How things work

We can help you to develop a trusting relationship with your parents while you learn to manage your money in a safe and responsible way.

How it work

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U18Connect Merchants & Schools

Register your Company, Service or Schools facility to connect
and display your products or services to active U18 users

Shopping with U18Connect

With, we safeguard you from making purchases of products and services that are inappropriate for your age.

No credit card needed

You do not need to have a card to spend online, simply check that you have credit in your account and then enjoy shopping with any of our merchants.

Age appropriate products

You will be able to buy anything that you see on the U18Connect website, as long as it is age appropriate for you.

Give a gift

Congratulate or surprise your loved one or best friend on his or her special occasion and make their day with your fabulous present.


Frequently asked questions are all in one place for U18, Parent, Merchant and Investor/Partner.
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