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1. To setup your account, we just

need either of your parents to create a

master account first.

2. Ask your Parent to set up an account

for you - then you can get going and

use Under 18(U18) Connect.

3. Once you have an account, you can

start using our features.

4. You can ask your parents by

shouting them from the next room, or

you can simply enter their e-mail

address and yours and we'll get in touch.

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"I am under 18 and want to manage my own money"

As the under 18 in the family you know that it is your parents job to look after you and you appreciate it. You really do.
You also want to make your own decisions, sometimes with your parents help, but sometimes without it. can help you. allows you to...

Manage your money with your very own personal e-wallet account.

Agree chores that you can do to earn extra money or specific purchases.

Add products and services to your wish and presents lists. You can then budget to make your own purchases or maybe share present ideas with friends and family.

Make purchases safely and securely online without having to reveal personal financial information about yourself or your parents.

We safeguard you from making purchases of products and services that are inappropriate for your age, unless pre-approved by your parents.

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